Bacon of the Month Club introduces The Bacon Pop-Up Bar

If you go down to Franschhoek today, you’re in for a big surprise; because this little piggy went to the bar. The Bacon Pop-Up Bar that is.

Brought to you by Bacon of the Month Club; twelve months; twelve different bacons, all developed and produced by Neil 'His Royal Porkness' Jewell of Bread & Wine fame.

Spearheading the project, Belle of the Bacon Ball, Nikki Friedman (aka Lady Fizz of Môreson) said: “I want people to be baconed away. It’s an entire space dedicated to my love of bacon. We’re taking bacon to the next level; and giving it the credibility it deserves as its own food group!”

How did she come up with the idea? “The same way I come up with every fabulous idea, over a bottle Môreson bubbly.”

And so, Chef Bianca Davies aka The Countess of Crackling has created a porkilicious menu celebrating the artisan rasher; from Hog Mac 'n Cheese and Bacon Butties to Bacon Brownies and Bacon Choc Chip Cookies. Naturally, there will be Môreson Méthode Cap Classique to pair with your swanky swine.

Involved with Bacon of the Month Club since inception, design agency Wonderland Works has pulled out all the stops in creating a piggin’ surreal destination.

“We have been very fortunate to have a client like Bacon of the Month Club, who believe in pushing the boundaries of design, and encouraged us to make the space as outlandish as possible,” said Creative Director, Lexi Fontein

“Everything in the space needed to be as over-the-top and bacon-glam as possible. I was inspired by the glamorous window displays we recently saw on a trip to Rome. The installations that entice you into the stores are breathtaking and I wanted to bring that kind of wonder to the bacon pop-up bar.”

The design starts from street level, where two statues of bacon liberty light up the path and entrance into the pop-up bar. The space is a sensory overload of ‘piggy glam’ with touches of gold, silver and copper and hog-inspired décor and art.

Lexi’s favourite installations are the two window displays: “We have three stacking silver piggies that are framed with neon lighting. The surrealness of what you are seeing when you are looking at this display makes people smile and brings a certain kind of magic to the space.

“The second window and bar counter area is framed by a piggy origami curtain, we used around 250 piggies!”

Bacon fanatics take note: there will also be Bacon of the Month Club bacon to take home as well as subscriptions available for the BEST club ever.

The Bacon Pop-Up Bar opens is set to coincide with the Franschhoek Literary Festival, running from 15-18 May 2014. The doors open 10am and will remain so till the bacon runs out!

The Bacon Pop-Up Bar
16 Huguenot Road
Twitter: @of_bacon
For further information please contact: 021 876 8443