Bacon makes you #ThirstyThursday

Thursdays will never be the same. Why? Well, if you come on down to The Pop-up Bacon Bar between 5-7pm and order a burger, we’ll give you a glass of Môreson Miss Molly Bubbly on the house.


Bacon, burgers, and bubbly…The three Bs that make the world go round.

And folks, it’s not just any burger. “It’s the best burger ever,” states The Countess of Crackling.

The patty is made of free-range beef that's been aged, sourced from Spier's Farmer Angus. The sourdough bun comes from artisan bread heaven, Bread & Wine. Added to this is the delectable sharp cheddar from Ganzvlei Farm, topped with peppery rocket and tomato & onion relish and our artisan bacon of course.

We also have an American BBQ-style burger on the menu. And for the banting crowd, we wrap up all the goodness in iceberg lettuce.

See you later?